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Akademi Binaan Malaysia (ABM) adalah institusi di bawah CIDB Malaysia yang dipertanggungjawab untuk menyediakan latihan kemahiran dan pengurusan berkaitan pembinaan, menguji dan menilai kemahiran serta mengakreditasi pekerja mahir industrI pembinaan.


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Maklumat terkini di Akademi Binaan Malaysia

No Framework

Kursus Latihan Kemahiran Pembinaan ABM

To keep the template clean, lightweight, easy to use and customize, we decided not to use any Framework for the template.

Powerful Layout configuration

Kursus CCP & CPD ABM

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework, it will be extramently helpful for web development and content building based on tons of premade markups.


Muat Turun

JA Simpli is built with LESS - a dynamic style sheet language, once development is done, it is complied to CSS, that means you can develop with CSS or LESS.

Font Awesome 4.6

Data Keluaran ABM

The integration of the latest Font Awesome version - v4.5 allows you to add any font Awesome icon by adding the class like: fa fa-home.

More features

Alumni ABM

JA Simply supports multiple layouts by default, they are standard layouts: 3 columns, 2 column and 1 colum with boxed or full width style.

Theme customizer


The magic tool helps user customize style and other elements in your website based on predefined parameters in real time. What you do is what you see.



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